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HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) has become one of the most commonly used terms when it comes to renting property but, although most people have heard the term HMO, few really understand what it means and how it applies to them and their rental property.

To help clear things up we've put together a guide to explain what an HMO is, how to work out if your property is an HMO and, if so, whether you need a license. These are, of course, guidelines and we'd strongly recommend you speak to your local council for confirmation but this should bring you up to speed with the terminology and what it means for you.

The rules concerning HMOs are different depending on where you live. England and Wales have one set of rules, Scotland and Northern Ireland have their own regulations (Wales will have their own in the near future). The information contained in this site deals mainly with HMOs in England and Wales, click here for details on the regulations in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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